About teaching & Workshops:

Ronald Douglas is an experienced and well respected teacher for several years. He is teaching at the ArtEZ Music Conservatory in Zwolle and he is a regular Workshop Teacher at the Music Conservatory in Amsterdam. 

His experience as a (workshop)teacher were the last 25 years at:

 Amsterdam and Groningen Conservatory

 Musik Schule Vaduz(Liechtenstein)

 The Manhattan School of Music New York (U.S.A)

 Farabi Music School (Jakarta, Indonesia)

 Escola de Musica da Universidade Federal da Bahia (Brazil)

The last 10 year Ronald is very enthusiastic about the ESTILL Modell. Better known as EVT. He invites his friend and collegue ANNE-MARIE SPEED (UK.) ( ) every year to do a LEVEL 1 and 2 Course or other courses related to EVT and more practical courses like DICTION, Acting Through Singing breath support through EVT etc.. These courses are very important and open for: singers, vocal teachers, voice therapists, actors etc. etc. This whole modell influenced my singing AND teaching a lot. Contact me if you're interested.


Subjects in Ronalds Workshops and or teaching/coaching lessons:

1. How to make a connection between technique and interpretation?

2. Diction. How to use the consonants in singing? And how can you ACT with this?
3. How to communicate with the band in situations like workshops with a band
4. timing and rhytmic interpretation related to the worlds of the song
5. Scat. But on WHAT and HOW? And does it make sense?
6. How to select effective repertoire 
7. Performance and presentation
8. How to deal with performance stress
9. Listening and watching Jazz Cd's/ DVD's and what we can learn from that


Since September 2014 Ronald made some space in his agenda for private (coaching) lessons. If you are interested or if you want some information bout that, just contact him.


The teachers/colleague's who inspired him a lot were and stil are:

Deborah Brown ( )
Judy Niemack ( )
Mark Murphy
Nancy Marano ( )
Annette Andriessen (Classical)